Dystonia is a brain disorder that causes extreme muscle spasms so intense they produce involuntary movements and postures of the body and limbs. Gait, balance, speech, and vision may be impaired due to the twisting, painful contortions. Put quite simply, people with dystonia cannot control the movement of their own bodies.

Dystonia is the third most common movement disorder following essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease. The disorder effects people of all ages, including many children. Dystonia is often misdiagnosed and patients may spend years without proper treatment.


The dystonia community is uniting for an exciting national day of action. The Virtual Dystonia Zoo Day will bring people across the country together online to raise awareness and raise funds to support research. Individuals with all types of dystonia, as well as family members and friends, and members of the medical community are invited to take part in the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF)’s first-ever Virtual Dystonia Zoo Day.

By participating in the DMRF Virtual Dystonia Zoo Walk, you’ll connect with others in the dystonia community and bring visibility to dystonia nationwide. Your support will ensure DMRF continues to offer programs and resources to individuals and families impacted by dystonia and advance urgently-needed medical research.


From its founding in 1976, the mission of the DMRF has been to advance research for improved dystonia treatments, to promote awareness and education, and to provide coping support resources to patients and families. Forty years ago, affected individuals and families had nowhere to turn for information and very few doctors were familiar with the disorder. The DMRF has worked tirelessly to stimulate public awareness, advocate for the legislative and policy needs of the dystonia community (including federal research funding), and provide support resources to affected individuals and families, while focused on our ultimate mission of finding a cure for dystonia.

With your help, the DMRF can provide greater independence and mobility for everyone with dystonia.


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